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Products/Software I Recommend

These Products are must haves for music production.

Product Recommendations: Reviews
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The Best Music Community In Order To Get Heard!

Looking for real fans and real plays, comments, likes and reposts on your Soundcloud artist page? Checkout "Repost Exchange"! They connect you with a community of aspiring musicians who are looking to be heard, just like you! You repost their music in exchange for reposts of your own music! It's free to use, and they also have upgraded plans for more tools to reach more fans!


Distrokid makes the music distribution and upload process super simple. They give you specific guidelines and even format your song titles to help reduce any headache caused by strict store upload policies. You can get a yearly subscription to upload as many songs and albums as you want for only $19.99. 


eMastered is the simplest automated mastering service I have ever used and it sounds amazing too! Every time I finish a track, I make sure to run it through eMastered before distributing my music for the world to hear. They even allow you to try out the service to see what your track will sound like.


iZotope Neutron 3

The Best Tool For Mixing Your Music

The easiest tool on the market for automated mixing. This tool will help jump start your tracks and help you understand what a good track sounds like! I use this plugin on every single one of my tracks in my project and it has turned my mediocre tracks into professional sounding ones.


iZotope Ozone 8

The Best Tool For Mastering Your Music

The simplest tool on the market for automated mastering. It's purpose is to put the finishing touches on your song with ease. It takes all the guesswork out of what a mastered song should sound like and does the thinking for you. I use this plugin on all of my songs.


iZotope Nectar 3

My Go To Tool For Every Vocal Track

I don't process any vocal track without first running it through "Nectar 3". This plugin is alot like "Neutron 3" and "Ozone 8" as it automatically has a personal preset that analyzes your vocal tracks and mixes them for you with ease. You can then decide what other creative decisions you want to make on your vocals after the initial preset is finished.


EZmix 2

The Simplest Way To Mix Your Music

EZmix 2 is super similar to Neutron 2, except it is based off of a multitude of pre-mixed presets instead of automated mixing. You simply put a preset of your choice onto a track and you have 2 simple knobs to experiment with. If you don't like the preset, you can easily choose another one. The plugin takes very little processing power, which makes it a breeze to work with.



A Great Songwriting Tool

I really enjoy using EZkeys for one main reason. It's "EASY". They have a chord wheel that helps you build chord progressions and they also have a bunch of loops and presets to choose from. They even tell you the name of each note and chord as you play them. My favorite EZkeys instrument is the "Mellotoon".


EZdrummer 2

The Easiest Midi Drumming Tool to Make Beats, Grooves, and Fills.

When I need some inspiration and simplicity, I go to EZdrummer 2. I love the "Tap2Find" feature, where you can simply tap in a beat with your mouse using the displayed drum kit pieces and it will pull up all the most relevant beats/grooves with the closest matching feel. So convenient and such a helpful tool for beginners!


SampleTank 3

The Perfect Choice For Your First Plugin

SampleTank 3 is like an all-in-one solution to having a piece of the world at your fingertips. There is literally almost a sample/preset for every single instrument known to man in this plugin! It takes very little processing power to run and the sound quality of the samples are excellent considering the price it costs.

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