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"T-Cophony" Is One of the Most Talented Music Artists I Know.

T-cophony is truly a remarkable artist that the world needs to know about. He is extremely fluent on acoustic guitar with his unique fingerstyle guitar technique, but he also can shred on the electric guitar with no problem. He also dabbles in the electronic genre from time to time. He is only an instrumentalist, although I have heard a few vocal lines on a few tracks like "You're In the TV".

One of his most technically impressive songs is "Chandler"

This guy really deserves more attention as he only has 6600 subscribers on YouTube and just over 2,500,000 million views and yet he has created a combination of over 16 albums/eps. This guy is so talented and keeps dishing out content on a regular basis and I think that he could really use the support. Please go check him out and help out an independent musician!

Here is a link to his website:

Here is his YouTube Channel:

My favorite album is a toss up between "Load Before Departure" and "Egolayton". "Load Before Departure" is a good mix of his fingerstyle acoustic guitar playing which is on some of the tracks, while the other songs contain his electronic genre style. "Egolayton" is labeled as an ambient electronic album, but I think it has a very intense feel to it.

One thing I have noticed is that he does seem to be awfully shy. He doesn't seem to respond to people in the YouTube comments, sadly. Perhaps he just doesn't know English very well, since I have seen him respond to comments in Japanese. I just think he would have more followers/fans if he engaged a bit more with his audience, but that's just my opinion.

Let me know what you guys think of "T-cophony" in the comments down below! I would also love to hear your suggestions of which artists I should check out! Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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